GooTopia ®™ is the capital city of character values...a whole city dedicated to making

character fun, and to telling stories that teach children what great character looks like! Starting with the Goo Guys & Gals ®™ Graphic Readers series for 3-7 year olds, GooTopia will expand into online content and exercises, educational tools and mobile games. We have completed our first pilot study of the books and flash cards in second grade classrooms in West Michigan. We are now preparing for a more comprehensive study from Pre-K through 2nd grade in the 2017-2018 school year through our affiliation with Hope College’s ExploreHope (Center for Exploratory Learning). Our flash cards were used and evaluated throughout the 2014-2015 school year in elementary level, at-risk mentoring encounters within the Kids Hope USA mentoring program.

GooGenius, LLC and the West Michigan Character Council are teaming up to develop the Goo Guys & Gals Graphic Reader series (50 books). The first two books are finished and books 3-5 are in production. Many book series talk about character, but none of them define different traits in a way that children can build on. Our pilot study shows that this series does just that, and it can help prepare young children for school at the same time. Please check out our Support Page to see how we’ve used non-profit funding so far, and to contribute to further development.

A 20 year Robert Wood Johnson Foundation study shows that social skills are essential to success in school and later in work life. The earlier children start learning about character and acting it out, the better chance they have to find their true passion and purpose, pursue it, and succeed at it.

Studies also show that children who are prepared well to start school do better throughout their academic career. The exercises embedded in our books, and the online exercises that reinforce them, all help children to spend time developing these important skills (identifying shapes, colors, numbers, upper and lower case letters, the alphabet, rhyming words, increasing vocabulary, manipulating pages, establishing reading flow, etc.)

With the guidance of an adult, the graphic format of these books helps children as young as 3 years old tap into the emotional and situational cues of the story and begin to understand the concepts. As a child grows and learns to read by themselves, they can begin exploring and enjoying the stories themselves. Extra content, exercises, activities and parent/teacher suggestions will be added to this website as they are created, providing continuing resources to further reinforce character development in children.

We want character values learning to be fun for children. And we want it to stick. We believe it’s simply the best way to impact a child’s quality of life and the lives of those around them. We’ve spent a lot of time researching just how to accomplish this. Our approach is different than anything out there, but we believe GooTopia is the best way to reach young learners, to reinforce valuable character concepts and schools readiness skills, and start children out on the best foot possible.

Wade Gugino

CEO GooGenius, LLC

Author and Illustrator of Goo Guys & Gals Graphic Readers

December 4, 2012

October 12, 2013

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August 26 , 2013

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Our goal is to make character fun and to help your children acquire the skills they’ll need to succeed in school and life!