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How many Goo Guys & Gals are there?

There are 50 Goo Guys & Gals that will be the subject of books. However, GooTopia his home to thousands of Goo Guys & Gals. There will be lots of other characters that enter the the Biking Viking...or Super Guy!

Are there more Goo Guys books or Goo Gals books?

There will be 25 stories about Goo Guys and 25 stories about Goo Gals.

Are the Goo Guys books just for boys and the Goo Gals books just for girls?

All of the books are meant to be enjoyed by both boys and girls.

Why 50 books?

We want a parent and child to be able to read a book a week together and have the series cover a whole year of character learning.

Is “GooTopia” the name of the city, or the whole Goo Guys & Gals world?

Both! Like New York, New York. GooTopia is both the world that Goo Guys & Gals live in, and the name of the city...The Capital City of Character! There are other towns, too, like GooTropolis and Gootham City.

Why do some characters have more fun stuff than others on their profile page?

We are developing books, songs, cartoons, audio narrations and extra activities for each Goo Guys & Gals profile. That takes time. Even when they all have extra content, we’ll keep adding new stuff to keep it fun and interesting.

How did the Goo Guys & Gals get their names?

We needed them all to have names that started with the same letter as the character trait they represent. Like Rolando Responsible. After that, we chose names that reflected different cultures and regions around the world. After all, character is for everyone, everywhere! Oh...and a few of the names are chosen because the author’s family wanted characters with their names in the books.

Will GooTopia and Goo Guys & Gals ever be on TV?

We sure hope so. We’re working on developing scripts for animated videos. We also want to produce a daily web comic.

Can children under 3, and over 7, enjoy these books?

Absolutely. That age range is simply when the format of the books best matches their brain development and learning objectives. Lots of kids 8 and up, and even adults, really enjoy the books. Under 3 is a still a great time for parents to sit with a child and pattern reading.

Will there be t-shirts, toys and fun stuff we can buy with GooTopia characters?

Most likely...but first we want to get the book and site content right. Once that part is in place, the rest will fall in line. We’d like to see Goo Guys & Gals plush toys as much as anyone!

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